Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Podcache Show Episode Seventy Four

There's no need to be a classically trained vocalist on The Podcache Show as this episode demonstrates perfectly!

Tenty heads for Wales' first cache for our Golden Oldie and Pete and Tracey keep dry in Yarm for the Virtual of the Month.

Reggie Cat, Lydford Locaters and Tony Dev tackle a CM Wherigo and Rich F and crew display a great deal of patience with a multi in Kent.

Sue and Andy share their memories of a successful camping weekend and Richlay updates us on Christmas plans by the Yorkshire Mega committee.

Local cacher Pipesy gets the recognition he deserves and we have a new winner of our competition.

First in Wales

Under Water VOTM

Church Micro 10296 Woodford Wells Wherigo

Indiana Jewells

Y2El’s Bugs, Bugs Octopus – Much Ado

The Matryoshka

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