Sunday, 6 August 2017

The Podcache Show Episode Seventy Two

It's everything Devon Mega in this month's show as we head for the South Coast and the long awaited 2017 Mega.

We speak to Project GC's Magnus and Elizabeth from the Swedish Mega.

Virtual of the Month comes from Martin Baggs in Paignton, Devon.

Pete gets a Golden Oldie on the South West Coastal Path and HHHP20 finds an Earthcache on Dartmoor.

We talk to Julie from the Aberdeenshire Mega and Pete and Tenty attempt 10 icons on Mega Day.

Mega Sweden FAD 2017

Aberdeenshire Mega 2019

Aberdeenshire Mega Facebook Page

Face it, you're stumped (Virtual)

War Time Memories (Golden Oldie)

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