Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Podcache Show Episode Sixty Eight

Church Micro's are the order of the day as Tracey speaks to Kim Leonard, the top UK CM hider.

Pete speaks to Sponge_3 on his plans to place Church Micro's and we hear how Ben's new baby found her first cache at just a few hours old.

Tentmantent becomes Tattmantatt as he braves the tattooists needle.

Pete and Tracey visit Diagon Alley and VOTM comes from London.

This month's Golden Oldie is from Oldham and we have an update on the Devon mega and a new winner of our competition.

Fisher's Alley (Harry Potter Diagon Alley)

Oldham Way Parking

Royal Observatory Greenwich (Virtual)

Church Micro #5452 Lasborough

1000 and counting (Event)

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